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You can help shape the skills of our local workforce.


What’s CTE is All About?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all students graduated high school and knew what career opportunities were local, and already had the skills and certifications to start a career?

The goal of Career Technical Education in the K-12 system is to give students a viable living-wage career upon graduation from high school or college. This cannot be accomplished without the explicit help of local industry partners. Not only does this give students the skills they need to succeed, but it attracts more industry to our local economy by developing a highly-skilled workforce.

Ventura Unified School District has dozens of career pathways for our students, from robotics to engineering to business – with programs offered in both high schools and middle schools. Learn more about our CTE programs.

Why VUSD Needs Your Support

Education has long been an insular space, but we know the only way to get our students ready for you is by bringing you in on a systemic level. Ventura is rich with a diversity of industries that have so much to teach our kids. As a nonprofit entity, VUSD will honor your support with a letter – not to mention with all the heartfelt gratitude of our teachers and students.

In a time where 30% of our nation is unemployed, we believe training students to be competitive in the workforce is one of our greatest missions.


Partner with VUSD


There are many ways your organization or business can invest in the success of the next generation workforce! Consider taking on an advisory role, or offering intern programs, technology donations, or your financial support.



Our programs and pathways need funding to continue and thrive, and we’d deeply appreciate your financial involvement. VUSD Career Education students need computers, tablets, software, printers, and more. Consider gifting a generation of students with the equipment they need to stay ahead of the curve. Please contact us if you’re able to give this way.



Be a guest speaker in person or via teleconference about your workplace and industry. Consider sharing some of your training materials with our applicable programs so we can help develop a direct line of qualified candidates to hire upon their graduation. Or host an intern – we welcome your ideas for involvement! Your company can help shape our programs, giving students the edge they need for the job market ahead.



Our career pathways and programs are in dire need of your financial support. Since our career technical education is laser-focused on providing workplace-ready knowledge and skills, your financial support means more strong local candidates for you to select from in the years to come, making the Ventura County economy even stronger.

Give to Classrooms Directly through

Ventura Education Partnership

VUSD’s partner in supporting our students, Ventura Education Partnership (VEP), is an all-volunteer organization that provides grants specifically to classrooms. VEP supports academics, arts, and music through $1,000 grants that go straight to teachers to augment their classroom programs. For more information or to donate to VEP click below.

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